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Playing with Intention

There is power in our words.  The energy within words we say to ourselves and others has an effect, and affects us more than we may be aware of. What if we use that power to our benefit?

How many times have you said to yourself or heard someone say “What if….” followed by some kind of fear based thought or outcome?  Such as “What if something bad happens to me or someone I love?”  How often do these thoughts repeat themselves without conscious awareness?

What if we played the “What if” game together, using that power to help us feel good and bring in the things that we want, rather than provoke perpetual fear, worry, anxiety, or stress?

What if we play the “What if” game with an introduction to beneficial suggestions?

The game is easy…all you do is subscribe to our email list and you will receive a daily suggestion in your inbox for the next month. Simply read and repeat it to yourself a few times silently or aloud, and take deep breaths while inviting the feelings into the body.  Each daily suggestion has a healing intention. Simply notice how a few purposeful sentences a day can make you feel.

This is a game where what you win and how much you gain is completely up to you.

Ready to play?