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25 Reasons You Should See a Pelvic Health PT

Written by: Rachel Parrotta, DPT, ATC, Pelvic Health Specialist & Director of Physical Therapy, Shift Integrative Medicine. 

One in three women, and one in five Americans (men and women), struggle with some type of pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. Most people, however, do not realize that they have a muscle problem or that it can be treated with physical therapy!

Common problems of the ‘bladder’, ‘bowel’ or ‘sexual function’ are actually related to the muscles found within the pelvis. These muscles can be successfully re-trained with proper education, treatment and specific exercises.

Read the list below and see how many of the statements are true for you, and if you might benefit from pelvic floor physical therapy at Shift.

  1. You wake up more than 1x per night to use the bathroom
  2. When the ‘urge’ hits, you sometimes have trouble making it to the bathroom
  3. You have difficulty with 2-hour car, bus or train rides due to your bladder
  4. When you put your key in the door, you are struck with a powerful ‘urge’ to urinate
  5. You use the restroom much more often than your peers or friends
  6. You leak urine when you cough, sneeze or get up from a chair
  7. You leak urine when you exercise, run, lift weights, or jump
  8. You have stopped your favorite exercise routine due to incontinence
  9. You have been told to ‘do your Kegels’, but are not sure what you are doing
  10. You constantly feel like you need to urinate, but very little urine comes out
  11. You need to push or strain in order to empty your bladder
  12. You often feel like you have an urinary tract infection, but the tests are negative
  13. You have aching deep inside of your pelvis that no one has been able to diagnose
  14. You have pain during or after sexual activity
  15. You are unable to tolerate gynecological exams, Pap smears or use tampons
  16. You have pain in your pelvis, genitals or tailbone while sitting on hard surfaces
  17. You suffer from constipation that has been difficult to treat with diet or medication
  18. You have difficulty controlling gas or bowel movements
  19. You have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility
  20. You have experienced a pregnancy or given birth at some point in your lifespan
  21. You are pregnant now and want to enhance your abdominal and pelvic floor function
  22. You have a scar from birth that is still painful with touch, exercise or sexual activity
  23. You feel like something is ‘stuck inside’ or ‘falling out’ of the pelvis following birth or menopause
  24. Your abdominals have not recovered from pregnancy, childbirth or surgery
  25. You have a groin, hip or hamstring pain that is not responding to other treatment


If you are currently experiencing any of the above complaints, then you would benefit from seeing a pelvic health physical therapist. At Shift, we treat pelvic health concerns with privacy, sensitivity and empathy. Click the link below or call our office today to book your first women’s or men’s pelvic health appointment with Rachel Parrotta, DPT, ATC.’s%20Health