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Setting Yourself Up For Success This New Year

Written by Elisa Henry Morton, Holistic Health Coach

New Year, New You! Sound Familiar? The clock strikes midnight and you begin thinking about what you hope to achieve over the next 12 months… lose 20lbs, drop a dress size, cut carbs, quit alcohol, the list goes on! Whilst your intention is good, sadly you may be setting yourself up for failure. Why? Because 92% of all New Year’s resolutions fail. So before you write a list, only to beat yourself up about not achieving it, I encourage you to ‘shift’ your mindset and focus on how you can set yourself up for success this New Year.

Write Down your 2017 Accomplishments:

Take a fresh sheet of paper and write down all of the things that you ‘did’ achieve in 2017. Maybe you were able to jog 1-mile without stopping, perhaps you switched out soda for sparkling water, or maybe you committed to walking an extra 10 blocks instead of taking the subway – whatever the achievement, write it down – because it is these ‘small consistent actions’ that will add up to the most significant changes in your life. Your 1-mile jog might be another person’s marathon so it’s important to focus on YOU! What did you achieve? What did you hope to achieve, but didn’t? Was it an external circumstance that stopped you, or did you lack the focus and dedication to succeed? What can you do differently this year to set yourself up for success?

Make SMART Goals:

The best way to set yourself up for success in the New Year is to ensure that your goals are – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-sensitive. What does this mean exactly?

Specific – This is the who, what, when, why and how! A specific goal will help you to identify the steps needed to successfully achieve your goal.

Measurable – Is your goal measurable? How will you know you have ‘achieved’ it? A measurable goal is something with which you can measure your success.

Attainable – Be ambitious, but realistic about what you can achieve. It might be a good idea to establish small milestones along the way so you don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Realistic – Don’t commit to reading 100 books this year if you haven’t picked up a novel in ten years! Instead, make your goals realistic! What do you enjoy doing, and how will this support you in achieving your goals?

Timely – Think about when you will achieve your goals, without establishing a time frame you’ll likely leave it until December 31st. Instead, think about significant dates, perhaps it’s an anniversary, a holiday or a birthday. By creating smaller goals throughout the course of the year you’ll boost motivation and remove the pressure of a looming NYE deadline.

Shift Your Mindset:

Whether it’s sleep, nutrition, mindfulness, or relationships – the above SMART philosophy can be applied to all areas of your life – see how the below can be applied to your own unique goals for 2018.

Resolution: I want to have more energy and wake up rested

Action: I will commit to a regular sleep routine and switch off my electronics 1hr before bedtime.

Resolution: I want to lose 20 lbs

Action: I will exercise 5 times per week for 30 mins.

Resolution: I want to feel healthy

Action: I will prepare and eat my food with intention, before eating I will ask myself – will this meal support me in achieving my goal?

Resolution: I want to be happier

Action: I will set aside 1 hour each day to do something I love, be it reading a book, meditating, catching up with a friend, or learning a new hobby. I will set aside this time for me.

Resolution:  I want to save money

Action: I will prioritize, where and on what I spend my money. Instead of blowing $100 on alcohol during a night-out with friends, I will spend $100 on organic produce from the farmer’s market.

Make Sure Your Actions Support Your Goals:

When establishing your goals for the year ahead, it’s important to consider your day-to-day activities, after all, it is these consistent daily actions that become habits and contribute to the most lasting change. So, if you want to lose weight or become more active, sitting on your couch and eating take-out won’t help you. Consider catching up with friends for a brisk power-walk instead of a bottomless brunch! New to exercise? At Shift, we offer Personal Training, Private Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi and Feldenkrais.

Build a Supportive Network:

Did you know that you are much more likely to achieve your goals if you have the support of your friends and family. Friends also play a significant role in promoting your overall health so make it a priority to surround yourself with positive people that inspire you and make you feel good. The New Year is always a good time to reflect on relationships and free yourself from any that no longer serve you.

Start Where You Are:

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when starting a new year. Instead of worrying about the end result, think about what you can do today, or even tomorrow to help you achieve your goal. By placing one foot in front of the other, and taking each day at a time you are more likely to succeed. Everyday is a new opportunity to realign your actions with your intentions. Still feeling overwhelmed? Join us for our first workshop of the year happening on Tuesday January 16 at 6:30pm. During this workshop you’ll learn how to detoxify your body and mind during the change of seasons in accordance with the five-element theory. Register via Facebook or sign-up via Eventbrite