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6 Steps To Make It Easier To Set Boundaries

And why this will help your health! A personal boundary is an energetic line in the sand. It communicates to the world, “Here I am, and this is my limit.” It is a soft separation between your own energy and the energy of those around you. Maintaining that boundary is not to be confused with…

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Free Introductory Workshop: Yoga, Pilates, and Pelvic Floor Health for New and Expectant Moms

Expert Advice for New and Expectant Moms by Women’s Health Physical Therapists When: Thursday, November 19th from 6-7:30pm Where: Shift Integrative Medicine             95 University Place, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10003 Topics Include: Yoga and Pilates for New and Expectant Moms Diastasis Recti and Core Strengthening Postural and Ergonomic Education Pelvic Floor Health Wear…

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