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Shift Integrative Medicine

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Shift the way you care for yourself.

Self-care is all about you. It’s about listening to your body and simply acknowledging how you feel.


  • Take time for you with a massage performed by one of our talented bodywork specialists. Choose from an array of techniques, from deep tissue to lymphatic drainage and reiki energy healing to sports massage. Massage has been proven to reduce musculoskeletal pain, improve mobility and function, reduce anxiety and promote whole body relaxation. You deserve to feel good.
  • Our compassionate team of Physical Therapists provide individualized, one-on-one, holistic physical therapy to help you reduce pain, improve balance, and restore strength and mobility wherever it is needed most. Choose between several different treatment styles and the unique and varied specializations of our therapists to find the approach that is best for you. Select from practitioners specialized in women’s and men’s pelvic floor physical therapy; sports, orthopedics and post-op physical therapy; pilates- or yoga-based physical therapy; and Feldenkrais physical therapy. 


  • Refuel your soul and boost your mood with our state-of-the-art private infrared sauna. Infrared light technology has been proven to promote healing, reduce musculoskeletal pain, and improve sleep quality while having an anti-aging effect on the skin. You’ll leave glowing -- both inside and out -- and feeling both relaxed and renewed.
  • Speed up your recovery from a tough workout or simply relax and let the rhythmic dynamic compression technology of Normatec Recovery Boots take you away from the physical and emotional stresses of your day. The intermittent pneumatic compression technique promotes muscle recovery by increasing circulation of lymph and blood from the extremities back to the heart.
  • There is so much more to understanding your body composition than bodyweight. The Fit 3D Body Scanner provides a 3D picture of your body complete with fat and lean muscle breakdown, posture analysis and symmetry, and more. Receive a comprehensive, detailed report to help you track your progress, whatever your health and fitness goals.