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What to Expect

Physical Therapy

One of the things patients like best about Shift is the beautiful light-filled open environment. Locker rooms are available for you if you would like to bring a change of clothing as you will need to expose the body part that is being treated with physical therapy. That way, we can examine your body part and measure your strength and mobility as well as manually assess the joint and soft tissue quality.

Following the evaluation, we will explain our findings from physical therapy and together we will make a detailed plan of recovery that includes the whole you not just your diagnosis. We want to empower and inform you so that you are an integral part of the decision making process. Your sessions will always be one-on-one with your physical therapist. Shift never uses aides or assistants to provide your care, only licensed physical therapists.

Women’s Health and Pelvic Floor

Your first visit will include a thorough history of your present symptoms and previous medical experience. The Therapists at Shift will listen closely to your experience and work with you to devise a framework for your care. Following the history, an evaluation will be performed in order to focus on the root causes of your symptoms.
In pregnancy, a thorough assessment of your posture, strength and pelvic alignment will be performed in order to identify the root causes of your symptoms. If you are experiencing symptoms of pelvic floor weakness or dysfunction, you will have a choice as to how you would like proceed with evaluation of the pelvic floor muscles. Although the muscles are most directly assessed via an internal (intravaginal or intrarectal) evaluation, the muscles can also be assessed using external palpation or external biofeedback. The choice of evaluation method is always yours and your physical therapist will work with you to develop an effective evaluation and treatment plan.

Hand Therapy

Upon the first Hand Therapy session we typically spend about an hour one-on-one with you, explaining your injury and what to expect regarding your recovery. We do a detailed evaluation, and explain our findings from your hand therapy session with you. Performing a detailed evaluation is crucial to pinpoint the problem areas, and allows us to tailor your treatment plan specifically to you. It also allows us to measure your progress along the way. At your first session you will also receive a written home exercise program to get you started on the road to recovery…so yes, there will be homework! Finally, we will discuss our recommendations for frequency of therapy and work out a schedule that fits with your lifestyle.

Therapeutic Yoga

This is a one-on-one therapeutic yoga session with a licensed physical therapist and certified yoga instructor. You should bring or wear comfortable yoga style clothing. You don’t need to have any previous yoga experience. Postures will be modified for your level of fitness and health and based on your initial evaluation and personal goals. After your first session is completed you and your therapist will create a treatment plan.

Massage Therapy

Upon arriving for your first visit, there will be a brief intake form for you to fill out. After that is completed you will go into a private room where your treatment will take place. Before your session begins there will be a discussion about what your chief complaint is and more importantly what you hope to get out of the session. Based on what we discuss, we will then go over with you different modalities that you can benefit from and outline a treatment plan that will best suit your needs.


Your initial evaluation will assess your strength, flexibility, soft tissue/joint restriction issues, and postural mechanics. The Feldenkrais Method will address your movement patterns on a deeper level to help you better learn what you are doing habitually, and in turn, help you learn more constructive alternatives.

Together we will develop strategies to more effectively perform any activity that you currently find challenging (lifting a heavy weight, swinging a golf club, walking or running, etc.) Your session will be led by a licensed physical therapist. More than anything you can expect to learn something interesting about yourself.