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15 Completely Legit Reasons Why You Need a Massage

Whether it’s a back rub from your partner or a hand massage during a manicure, a good rubdown can be a total godsend. But it doesn’t just feel nice: Research suggests (and experts agree) that getting massaged can actually benefit your health.


7 Lessons in Personal-Boundary Building

“A personal boundary is an energetic line in the sand,” says mind-body physical therapist Anu Abraham. “It is what communicates to the world, ‘Here I am, and this is my limit.’ It is a soft separation between your own energy and the energy of those around you.”

“Boundaries are important in order to prevent depletion, burnout, over-extension, and a life of obligation.”

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Benefits of Mind-Body Therapy

If you’ve ever suffered a physical pain, such as a backache, pulled muscle or tightness in your neck, you may have tried to fix it via chiropractic or physical therapy. But physical pain can also result from mental or emotional wounds. It might not just be a muscle, tendon or joint issue, but rather a combination of pain found both in your mind and your body.

Mind-body therapy has garnered a lot of attention as of late, because it addresses both. Dr. Anu Abraham specializes in this mind-body work and has seen dramatic results in many of her patients.

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5 Things Your Massage Therapist Does Not Care About

Hopefully, you’ve had a great massage experience at some point in your life, and are planning on going again soon. But this list is for those of you who are afraid to get a massage at all, or who have been too self-conscious to enjoy one.


How to stop peeing during your workouts

Uncontrollably peeing during exercise — it’s a health condition and it could happen to you. But not to worry! It’s actually very common. Pelvic floor dysfunction specialist Gail O’Neill, PT shares advice for dealing with leakage.

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5 Self-Massage Moves for Back and Neck Pain

You don’t need an appointment, a spa or even another person to reap the benefits of a massage. “When it’s not possible to get a professional treatment, you can relieve everyday aches and tension on your own,” explains Elizabeth Bryan Bragg, a licensed massage therapist at ShiftPT in New York City.

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6 Steps to Make It Easier to Set Boundaries – And Why They Will Help Your Health!

A personal boundary is an energetic line in the sand. It communicates to the world, “Here I am, and this is my limit.” It is a soft separation between your own energy and the energy of those around you. Maintaining that boundary is not to be confused with having a wall up or a defensive guard. It is a self-preservation mechanism that allows you to maintain your sense of self without handing it over to anyone. Every interaction with another person involves the exchange of energy, so why not make it pleasant and fulfilling?

Love is not worry. And worry is not love.

Often times, love is equated to worry. It is a conditioning of the mind, whether through culture, religion or environment which can teach people that the more they love someone, the more they worry about them. Love, is not worry. Love is love. And worry is worry. They are completely different feelings and vibrations!