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“What I’m after isn’t flexible bodies, but flexible brains. What I’m after is to restore each person to his or her human dignity.” -Moshe Feldenkrais

The Feldenkrais Method®

The Feldenkrais Method® uses a process of organic learning, movement, and sensing to improve posture, flexibility, coordination, athletic and artistic ability and to help those with restricted movement, chronic pain and tension.

“I think the method is best explained by studying the principles behind it. It is an experiential method, so it can make you feel warm and fuzzy or grounded and centered or nothing at all, but that is not the point. The point is to understand the core principles and integrate them into your daily life. The method helps you achieve this. It is a life-long process that entails constant reflection on the power of the basics so as to help you realize your full potential.” Matt Leve, Physical Therapist

Feldenkrais Principles

• Good posture is the ability to move in any direction without hesitation or preparation.

• Clear Skeletal Support:  the bones below move to support the bones above.

• Evenly distributed muscular effort/tone proportional work: the big muscles do the big work, small muscles do the small work

• Every movement is generated through an equal and opposite force delivered to/received from the ground.

• Force must travel up and through the skeleton (longitudinally), not across it.  Avoid shearing forces.

• Head and eyes are free in the activity.

• Breathing is free in the activity.

• Reversibility:  the ability to organize for the action and it’s suspension or reversal at any moment.

Feldenkrais & Physical Therapy

These elements combine seamlessly with the goals of physical therapy, which is why Shift offers you the mind-body principles and healing qualities of the Feldenkrais® method for your physical therapy or general health and wellness.

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About Matt

Matt Leve, PT, MSPT, GCFP
Physical Therapist, Master’s of Physical Therapy, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner

Matt incorporates traditional physical therapy methods with movement awareness principles of the Feldenkrais method® and the martial arts which he has studied for more than 20 years. He is particularly interested in developing internal control of action, which he views as the the foundation upon which all optimal action is achieved. His treatment approach is therefore oriented toward action.In a session with Matt, one will learn that there are a multitude of ways to do any action, and that this is ultimately what gives one choice. Without choice one is compelled to act in an unconscious manner, and this frequently leads to problems such as pain, muscle or tendon strain, and even injury. In the Feldenkrais method®, we work to improve one’s orientation, timing, and action, the three main components of any movement. Clients will explore their typical habitual daily actions such as sitting, standing, walking, and ultimately learn the basis of integrated movement. However, any action can be addressed and improved, be it playing an instrument, improving a dead lift or yoga pose, or even something as simple as knitting with less effort. Anyone can benefit from conscious movement.This is mindfulness in action. As one learns, one recaptures a more positive sense of self and an ability to move through life’s journeys with greater ease and spontaneity, and that indeed one does have choice.Masters of Science in Physical Therapy, The University of Montana
BS Agricultural Engineering, Cornell University

What to Expect

Your initial evaluation will assess your strength, flexibility, soft tissue/joint restriction issues, and postural mechanics. The Feldenkrais Method® will address your movement patterns on a deeper level to help you better learn what you are doing habitually, and in turn, help you learn more constructive alternatives.

Together we will develop strategies to more effectively perform any activity that you currently find challenging (lifting a heavy weight, swinging a golf club, walking or running, etc.) Your session will last 45 minutes. More than anything you can expect to learn something interesting about yourself.

The Shift Model of Care:

  • Shift treats the whole you—body, mind and spirit because these elements of your health are always connected.
  • Shift uses a collaborative model to inform and empower you with multiple perspectives.
  • Shift is a supportive environment where you are invited to notice your own shifting self-awareness.


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