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Hand Therapy

Why Hand Therapy?

When someone has a hand injury even the smallest loss of flexibility or strength can cause a noticeable change in how they function. So much of what we do relies on healthy and pain free hand use and hands are particularly susceptible to overuse. Hand therapy helps you regain optimal use of your hands after injury, surgery, or the onset of disease.

What to Expect

At Shift an experienced and dedicated hand specialist gives each person a careful evaluation. Upon the first Hand Therapy session we typically spend about 40 minutes one-on-one with you, performing a detailed evaluation. We explain our findings with you and share what you can expect regarding your recovery.

Performing a detailed evaluation is crucial to pinpoint the problem areas, and allows us to tailor your treatment plan specifically to you. It also allows us to measure your progress along the way. At your first session you will also receive a written home exercise program to get you started on the road to recovery…so yes, there will be homework! Finally, we will discuss our recommendations for frequency of therapy and work out a schedule that fits with your lifestyle.

During the course of your treatment custom splints might be fabricated to compliment your therapy. Some are used to protect healing structures after surgery, allowing pain-free use of the hand as early as possible. Some splints are fabricated to mobilize stiff joints, speeding up your recovery.  We custom make all our splints to fit your unique anatomy or purpose.

You can expect frequent collaboration and communication with your doctor or other therapy practitioner to ensure that all your concerns are addressed. The focus of each session changes as you improve.

Common Conditions:

Carpal Tunnel

Cubital Tunnel

Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis)

Thumb Arthritis

Trigger Finger

Mallet Finger

Golfer’s Elbow

Dupuytren’s Contracture

The Shift Model of Care:

  • Shift treats the whole you—body, mind and spirit because these elements of your health are always connected.
  • Shift uses a collaborative model to inform and empower you with multiple perspectives.
  • Shift is a supportive environment where you are invited to notice your own shifting self-awareness.


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