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Pilates Physical Therapy

The Pilates philosophy of mind-body exercise is instrumental in the healing process, as patients learn to bring focus, awareness, intention, and breath to their therapeutic exercises, posture, and daily body mechanics. Pilates exercises can be incorporated into your physical therapy plan of care by a physical therapist certified in the Pilates Method and trained in the rehabilitative use of Pilates equipment and principles.

Pilates for Prenatal/Postpartum Fitness

Many women want to continue to exercise during pregnancy and in the early post-partum months, but have concerns about how to safely adapt exercise for their changing bodies. Shift Integrative Medicine offers Pilates-based exercise taught by licensed physical therapists to help you:

  • Maintain your level of fitness during and immediately following pregnancy.
  • Increase the strength, flexibility, and endurance of the muscles needed for childbirth.
  • Decrease back, neck, and shoulder pain that may be caused by postural changes during pregnancy or by caring for a newborn.
  • Learn what your body needs during each trimester of pregnancy and beyond.Mind-body exercise is a key component in your wellness program throughout your lifespan. Moving with breath, awareness of alignment, and clear intention builds skills that help you listen to your body to prevent injury and maintain balance. Your 40-minute private wellness session is taught by a licensed physical therapist certified in the Pilates Method and incorporates exercises utilizing state-of-the-art Pilates apparatus including the Reformer, Tower, Chair, and CoreAlign.

    About Heather

    Heather Mims, PT, DPT, PMA®-CPT
    Physical Therapist, Doctor of Physical Therapy, PMA® Certified Pilates Instructor

    Heather offers a Pilates-based approach to physical therapy rehabilitation and wellness that is also informed by her many years of teaching dance and creative movement. She blends the mind-body awareness, conscious control, and focus that are emphasized in the Pilates Method with hands-on manual therapy techniques for release of myofascial and joint restrictions to allow each patient to discover freedom of movement, healthier biomechanics, and functional stability.Heather’s 20+ years as a dancer and choreographer, 11 years teaching Pilates, and 10 years of yoga practice have enabled her to develop a unique approach to incorporating breath, core strength, and somatic awareness into her patients’ rehabilitation. She is particularly interested in the role of posture, proximal hip, and core strength for prevention of injury in runners, dancers, yogis, and athletes. In addition to dance, Pilates, and yoga, she also enjoys skiing, rock climbing, and hiking.
    Doctor of Physical Therapy, Hunter College
    MFA Dance, Ohio State University
    BFA Dance, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
    Certified Pilates Instructor, PhysicalMind Institute

    About Jeremy

    Jeremy Laverdure, PT, DPT, CI

    Physical Therapist, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Pilates Instructor
    Jeremy brings his 15 years of Pilates teaching experience to the physical therapy environment, creating personalized treatment programs to help each patient reach their movement goals. He has found Pilates to be a wonderful complement to traditional physical therapy in treating acute and chronic injuries, and believes that it provides patients with tools they can take with them to maintain their long-term health. Jeremy’s approach to manual therapy is informed by his studies of Ortho-Bionomy®, an osteopathically-based system in which gentle movement stimulates the nervous system to self-correct difficult or painful movement patterns.Jeremy has worked with patients of all ages and with a wide variety of orthopedic conditions. He also enjoys working on strength, conditioning, and balance training for patients with neurological conditions, such as Parkinson’s Disease. In addition to practicing as a PT at Shift, Jeremy conducts continuing education workshops for Pilates instructors throughout the country, sharing his passion for movement as a healing practice.Doctor of Physical Therapy, Hunter College
    BA in Dance, Naropa University
    Pilates Method Alliance Certified Pilates Instructor

    The Shift Model of Care:

    • Shift treats the whole you—body, mind and spirit because these elements of your health are always connected.
    • Shift uses a collaborative model to inform and empower you with multiple perspectives.
    • Shift is a supportive environment where you are invited to notice your own shifting self-awareness.


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