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Rachel Parrotta, PT, DPT

Women's Health Specialist, Physical Therapist, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Rachel utilizes a personalized treatment approach that weaves together each client’s unique health journey with her own experience and knowledge of the human body to deliver care that is both caring and compassionate.

With an extensive physical therapy background Rachel has spent the past 7 years focusing her treatment on supporting women during pregnancy and in the post-partum period, as well as treating men and women who experience pain or dysfunction related to the pelvic floor. Combining hands-on techniques, soft-tissue mobilization and targeted exercise, Rachel works with her clients to create individualized treatment programs to treat a wide range of conditions including pelvic pain and dysfunction, incontinence, prolapse, diastasis recti, sexual pain, mastitis and pain during pregnancy.

Rachel is deeply passionate about providing support to new (and not so new) moms, empowering them to reconnect with their physical bodies. By incorporating integrative techniques and breath work Rachel helps her clients to decrease their stress, providing a space for relaxation and healing. It is through her own experience as a mom that she has solidified this passion and dedication to women’s health.

Rachel believes that the body has an innate ability to heal and through integrative approaches she helps her clients to rediscover the primal foundations of thriving health to develop practices for long-term wellness.

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Touro College
BS in Athletic Training, Boston University

Matt Leve, PT, MSPT, GCFP

Physical Therapy, Master's of Physical Therapy, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner

Feldenkrais stated that “if you don’t know what you are doing, you can’t do what you want.”  In other words, if you go through life acting in an unconscious manner, why expect a positive result.  He understood the intrinsic value of developing internal awareness.  Both Feldenkrais and Tai Chi involve the development and refinement of kinesthetic awareness through the practice of various movement patterns.  Combined with the traditional methods of physical therapy such as manual therapy and therapeutic exercise, this approach can be very effective in optimizing self organization, speeding the healing process, and reducing injury recurrence.  It is also tremendously empowering to learn that one has the innate potential to improve and cope with any challenges that life may present us.  Whether your goal is to improve walking, posture and balance, rehabilitate after a surgery, or to improve any other habitual movement pattern that seems to be a problem, I am happy to be your coach.  Everyone can benefit from awareness.

I completed my physical therapy training at the University of Montana in 2000 and have been working with Patrick at Shift since moving to NYC in 2003.  With more than 15 years in practice as a physical therapist, 20 years of experience in the martial arts, and my training in the Feldenkrais® method I consider myself a movement enthusiast and a movement specialist.  I am also an avid cook and enjoy movies and the outdoors.  I have an extensive background in orthopedic rehabilitation and treating clients with chronic pain and a wide range of neurological conditions.  I also offer private sessions for clients who are looking to improve overall fitness and I teach weekly small group or private Tai Chi classes.

Master of Science in Physical Therapy, University of Montana
Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering, Cornell University

Heather Mims, PT, DPT, PMA®-CPT

Physical Therapist, Doctor of Physical Therapy, PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher

Heather’s 20+ years as a dancer and choreographer, 11 years teaching Pilates, and 10 years of yoga practice have enabled her to develop a unique approach to incorporating breath, core strength, and somatic awareness into her patients’ rehabilitation. She is particularly interested in the role of posture, proximal hip, and core strength for prevention of injury in runners, dancers, yogis, and athletes.

Heather offers a Pilates-based approach to physical therapy rehabilitation and wellness that is also informed by her many years of teaching dance and creative movement. She blends the mind-body awareness, conscious control, and focus that are emphasized in the Pilates Method with hands-on manual therapy techniques for release of myofascial and joint restrictions to allow each patient to discover freedom of movement, healthier biomechanics, and functional stability.

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Hunter College
MFA Dance, Ohio State University
BFA Dance, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Certified Pilates Instructor, PhysicalMind Institute

Jeremy Laverdure, PT, DPT, PMA®-CPT

Physical Therapist, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Pilates Instructor

Jeremy brings his 15 years of Pilates teaching experience to the physical therapy environment, creating personalized treatment programs to help each patient reach their movement goals. He has found Pilates to be a wonderful complement to traditional physical therapy in treating acute and chronic injuries, and believes that it provides patients with tools they can take with them to maintain their long-term health. Jeremy’s approach to manual therapy is informed by his studies of Ortho-Bionomy®, an osteopathically-based system in which gentle movement stimulates the nervous system to self-correct difficult or painful movement patterns.

Jeremy has worked with patients of all ages and with a wide variety of orthopedic conditions. He also enjoys working on strength, conditioning, and balance training for patients with neurological conditions, such as Parkinson’s Disease. In addition to practicing as a PT at Shift, Jeremy conducts continuing education workshops for Pilates instructors throughout the country, sharing his passion for movement as a healing practice.


Doctor of Physical Therapy, Hunter College
BA in Dance, Naropa University
Pilates Method Alliance Certified Pilates Instructor

Megan Stancill, PT, DPT, RYT

Physical Therapist, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Registered Yoga Teacher

Megan brings two decades of experience as a yoga educator and innovator to her work as a physical therapist.  Megan is the author of “Megayoga,” the first yoga book for curvy bodies published by DK books in 2005 and subsequent best-selling DVDs. While teaching at her yoga school in Chelsea she encountered students with nagging orthopedic injuries that yoga could not heal. The desire to acquire further skills to help these students led Megan to pursue her doctorate of physical therapy at Hunter college. At Shift she combines the yogic elements of breath awareness and mindfulness with a hands-on manual therapy approach to injury and dysfunction.  Megan is passionate about educating patients throughout the entire rehabilitation process so that they can own their recovery and have practical self-care tools to take with them after they are healed. Megan received her pelvic floor PT accreditation from Herman and Wallace, and is pursing advanced coursework in certified functional manual therapy with the Institute of Physical Art as part of her continuing education. Megan would be honored to help you learn how to be more at home in the body you have today

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Hunter College
Yoga Instructor, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health
BA in History, Smith College

Nicole Ramos, PT, DPT, CPI

Physical Therapist, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Pilates Instructor, NASM-Corrective Exercise Specialist

Nicole believes that effective physical movement and longevity walk hand in hand. She seeks to empower her patients on their path to healing, health, and wellness by making them active participants in their journey.

Nicole brings over 10 years of experience as a certified fitness and movement coach to her role as a physical therapist. It was during this time that she developed a passion for working one-on-one with people to help them achieve their goals. As a physical therapist, Nicole customizes treatments that are truly unique to each patient’s individual circumstance using a combination of hands-on manual therapy, neuromuscular re-education, and targeted therapeutic exercises.

Nicole continues to further her education by pursuing advanced coursework in Functional Manual Therapy with the Institute of Physical Art. When she’s not treating patients, you can find Nicole teaching indoor cycling classes at Equinox. Nicole enjoys maintaining her own physical health with a combination of weightlifting, Pilates, and CrossFit.

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Hunter College
Bachelor of Fine Arts, New York University
Certified Pilates Instructor, Kane School

Rachel Tavel, PT, DPT, CSCS

Physical Therapist, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Writer

Rachel became a physical therapist to help others better understand their bodies and feel empowered by movement. She believes in a holistic approach to care, addressing the whole body not just the primary area of pain. Rachel is passionate about ensuring that men and women receive the care they need. She brings compassion and fun into her treatment sessions with the goal that each person leaves feeling emotionally and physically better than when they arrived.

Rachel utilizes her unique background as an athlete and writer to enhance her role as a physical therapist. As a once competitive lightweight rower and avid runner, Rachel loves working with athletes of all levels. Using advanced manual skills, soft tissue mobilization and therapeutic exercises, Rachel creates a unique treatment plan for each patient that reflects their personal goals. As a writer and frequent contributor to Men’s Health, Self and Runner’s World magazines, Rachel enjoys sharing her expertise through writing in order to help educate others about their bodies and build confidence, joy and community around health and fitness.

In addition to earning her clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy, Rachel is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. She continues to further her education by pursuing advanced coursework through the Institute of Physical Arts. Rachel is certified in basic mat Pilates and has completed the extensive BASI Pilates training program, often incorporating Pilates-based exercises and the Pilates Reformer into her treatments.

As a physical therapist, Rachel is dedicated to helping people of all ages overcome their physical setbacks and achieve their fitness goals no matter how big or small.

Doctor of Physical Therapy, New York University
BA in Spanish and Archaeology, Bowdoin College
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, National Strength and Conditioning Association
Pilates Basic Mat Certified, Polestar

Leslie Gravel, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

My approach to body work comes from my belief that our bodies can tell us everything we need to know, it’s just a matter of learning how to listen. Am I clenching my jaw, are my hips tight, am I holding my breath? With this awareness we can begin to heal. Through integrative massage which combines: Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Reiki and stretching I seek to bring new awareness to my clients. I am interested in building relationships and providing a safe space to heal, whether it be from an injury, stress or an emotional struggle.

Finger Lakes School of Massage, Ithaca, NY

Claudia Martinez, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

Self care is a pillar of wellbeing and I strongly believe that massage is a necessary resource in that journey. Whether you are experiencing chronic pain, a sudden stiff neck, headaches, seeking to improve your circulation or just feeling like you need a moment to relax, I can help. My approach is to tailor each session using techniques such as Deep Tissue, Swedish, Trigger Point Therapy and Shiatsu in an interactive process to aid the body thrive and heal. Together we can work towards building your optimal self.

Swedish Institute, NY, American Massage Therapy Association Professional Member

Lindsay Grobman, PT, DPT, RYT, HHC

Physical Therapist, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Registered Yoga Teacher, Holistic Health Coach

Lindsay is a physical therapist who has worked in an outpatient setting for 11 years. Lindsay helps her patients by using traditional physical therapy methods including manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, and neuromuscular reeducation while incorporating the breath into all treatment plans. Lindsay has a passion for using therapeutic yoga techniques to heal the body from the inside out while connecting the mind and the body. She also uses the Associative Awareness Technique (A.A.T.) to help bring the nervous system into balance. This treatment is highly effective for chronic low back pain, fibromyalgia, stress and anxiety, as well as all nervous system and orthopedic conditions. Lindsay is also passionate about health coaching, where she supports and guides people toward achieving their diet and lifestyle goals to help create balance in their life.

Masters and Doctorate of Physical Therapy, Columbia University
BS in Psychology, The University of Albany
Holistic Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition