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Patrick Walsh

Owner / Clinical Director

I created Shift Integrative Medicine in order to shift the way healthcare is experienced by patients and shift the way healthcare is perceived and delivered by clinicians.

Integrative medicine is a shift from conventional medicine because it is patient-centered, holistic, and it views health as more than just physical. Your health is also emotional, psychological, spiritual, energetic and more.

Shift is a supportive environment where patients feel safe and
are invited to sense their own shifting self-awareness. Pain and injury can often be a transformative experience—Nobody wants to have pain or an injury that limits or decreases their physical abilities, but our desire to get back to where we once were can be a flawed and frustrating strategy. We would like to go back but we can only go forward. Shift will support you on that journey. If we focus all of our energy on getting back something we lost, we risk an opportunity to claim something new.



Patrick Walsh

MS Narrative Medicine, Columbia University
BS Physical Therapy, Hunter College
Licensed Massage Therapist, Swedish Institute